Born and raised in District 9, I am deeply connected with the community here. I attended elementary school at Samuel Kennedy Elementary as a child and grew up in a house a few blocks away from the school. My parents came to the United States as immigrants and worked odd jobs until they started up their first business in Galt, CA. They owned a cosmetology business in Galt, and operated the business for years until they sold it in 2013. I traveled frequently to Galt and got to know the area and the people well. After high school, I attended college at the University Of California, Merced and graduated with a B.A. in economics with honors. I now reside and work in Sacramento, working as a small business IT manager and being a licensed real estate agent. I've enjoyed growing up and working in district 9 and now it's my time to give back to my community. I hope you will join me in my journey to making California's government more open, accessible, and effective for all. 


Harry S. He